A Family Quote from My Dad

by Sheri
(Oklahoma, USA)

Picture of Father and Daughter

Picture of Father and Daughter

My favorite family quote is, "Don't quit"

My dad was one that would put you back to work until you learned you could do something. He always said life is going to throw you all kinds of challenges and you just can't give up.

His first three children were all girls so he was determined for us to be able to do things for ourselves. Mom would take off and go in the opposite direction if he tried to talk to her about taking care of financial things in case something happened to him.

He made darn sure his girls all knew what to do if something happened. He always told us there would not always be a man around to take care of you so you have to learn.

He was right just like always. And to this day, I am still trying. Don't quit.

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Dec 17, 2007
Simple Quote - Powerful Message
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Thanks for this powerful and inspirational quote Sheri.

"Don't quit" is one of those simple quotes or phrases that many people take for granted because it's said so often.

Like your father, I always tell my children to never quit or give up on what they're doing...even if it's difficult. I let them know that they can accomplish anything if they set their mind to it and stick with it.

I think this is an important lesson to teach our children to instill in them confidence, self-esteem, dedication and commitment.

Your father was a wise man for teaching you this simple lesson in life. One that I'm sure has had a tremendous impact on you.

Thanks for this incredible and inspirational quote.

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