A Great Inspirational Life Quote

by John

Inspirational Picture

Inspirational Picture

"The More You Know, The More You Don't Know It"

--Author Unknown

This inspirational quote helps me both at work and at home. With kids, you quickly learn that what is being taught in school today is not the same as when I was going to school. The basics are the same but they have definitely expanded on them.

For example using a calculator was unheard of 30 years ago in school. Now a scientific calculator is a requirement for high school. Plus, the variety of classes is mind boggling at times.

I work with computers and they are changing all the time. Every time I figure something out, I find there is more to it than I originally thought. I used to write computer reports - now I am creating web pages. The basics are the same but the technology keeps changing.

The same can be said for most everything. Technology is just one avenue where this is evident.

My newest venture in investing has shown that there is much more to it than just savings accounts and CDs. To really know something you need to dive right into it. I will never be as smart as a professional investor, but knowing enough allows me to make informed and educated decisions.

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