A Merry Christmas ...God bless Us, Every One!

by ljevtich
(Dumfries, VA USA)

Picture of Charles Dickens

Picture of Charles Dickens

My favorite inspirational holiday quote is,

"A merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to all the world! God bless Us, Every One!"

--Charles Dickens' - "A Christmas Carol"

It makes me realize that it is not just me or my family rushing here and there. Christmas is meant to be shared with others, to see family and friends.

Christmas is not just about the gifts, but rather it is about the ability to share you with others, to have a kind and gentle heart, to spread happiness even against the odds of failure.

No matter what your religion, this inspirational quote is for everyone. To celebrate the happiness of the time, to forgive the debts of others and to give back to society as much as you can. This is the true meaning of Christmas, instead of the trappings that we are in now.

The Christmas quote also talks about the future, and includes the entire world, so that a person is not just a sole identity, but is part of the larger whole. A joy that the world has not come to an end, but that you are here for another day - and whatever you can accomplish in that day.

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