Amusing (and realistic) Quote From Author Marian Keyes

by Susan G.
(New York City)

Marian Keyes Picture

Marian Keyes Picture

"High expectations are simply resentments under construction."

--Marian Keyes

This is a funny quote from Marian Keyes the (oh-so-Irish) author of "Under the Duvet" and its sequel "Cracks in My Foundation." And, as usual, Ms. Keyes has hit the nail on the head.

As I see it, high expectations are not all bad; the important determinant is where they’re directed. It’s fine to expect good things from oneself. I like to expect myself to a better and better be kinder, and more thoughtful, and more generous with any time or money that may, God willing, come my way. That’s a positive force.

Expecting myself to become a size 2, or 4, or 6 anytime in the foreseeable future is just begging for depression, even on the most stringent diet.

The worst, however, is overly high or unreasonable expectations of others. Your mate or your Mom may just not ever understand you quite as you wish, or give you the perfect gift or say the perfect words you want to hear. Holding out for that is indeed preparing for hurt and anger. Try to let up a little.

Be willing to settle on the small things, gently encourage and applaud the bigger ones. You just might be pleasantly long as you don’t EXPECT too much while you’re encouraging.

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