Brett Favre Quote

by Nan

Brett Favre Picture

Brett Favre Picture

"I'm pretty boring, actually." --Brett Favre

I stumbled across this Brett Favre quote online recently, and at first, I thought it was pretty funny. Why would this great quarterback, with so many records to his name, call himself boring?

Then, I started thinking about it a little harder. Boring people are normal, everyday human beings--they get the job done without fussing or whining. On top of that, boring people don't call attention to themselves needlessly, but they're content with their lives, and they're generally happy.

I really like the idea of a huge sports personality describing himself as boring, because it links him to the rest of us, and it extends the possibility of greatness to those of us leading everyday lives.

When I go running, I try to think about my activity as something pretty typical, but also something that links me with others (like Brett Favre) who have tried hard and simply gotten on with the task at hand.

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