Christmas Quote from Charles Dickens

by Frank
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

Picture of Scrooge

Picture of Scrooge

"Bah, Humbug!"

--Charles Dickens

It reflects how I feel about Christmas now.

Scrooge had it right as things have turned out. I remember being shocked as a child when Dickens’ story was read to me, but sadly, for reasons other than Scrooge's grasping cheapness, it now seems appropriate.

There is a driven quality to the holiday, rooted in the consumer society we live in. Greed and envy mostly dominate the period and one seemingly cannot get enough stuff.

It isn't pretty in grown-ups but it is downright tragic in children since celebrating TWO of the seven deadly sins in one holiday must likely affect many kids' approach to life generally and any goals they might come up with.

Enron may be gone but the abiding style and thinking that made it possible is healthy and alive.

God Bless Us All, indeed.

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