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Where do the Quotes Come From?

The some of the Quotes on have been written by and are property of the sites owner. We also offer our readers the opportunity to submit there original quotes to this website from links similar to:

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It should be known that when a reader submit’s a quote on this website, the author of the quote authorizes permission to place the quote on this website. If these terms are not acceptable please do not submit your quote.

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In a word … no. All quotes are reviewed with only a limited selection posted on our website.

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Readers are free to use our content for any personal or non-commercial purpose ONLY if you include a hyper-link back to the original webpage. This information must include both the authors name and this website address beneath each quote.

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If any original content or quote submitted by an individual on this website is copyrighted from another source, please e-mail us the details and we will review our content and remove when necessary.

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