Funny Quote from General Phillip Henry Sheridan

by Dan

Picture of a Texas Sky

Picture of a Texas Sky

"If I owned Hell and Texas, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell." by General Phillip Henry Sheridan - a Union Civil War General.

Perhaps General Sheridan spent an amusing - hot and very humid summer in the Houston area. I know I did and I heartily concur with him.

While the state has wonderful and very hospitable - even charming residents and the Gulf can be beautiful - I must say - I think Hell would be a much nicer climate.

I lived down there for two years recently - and everyone around me crowed about the warmth - I salute them - for them the climate was perfect. I, however, am a Polar Bear - and I wandered out of colder climes.

It snowed on Galveston Island my very first Christmas there. The very first snow ever recorded on Galveston Island at Christmas. My family suggested that I stop the Snow Dance - and go home - immediately if not sooner.

So, I did - but I must say General Sheridan's quote remains in my head - only insofar as it applies to the climate though.

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