Funny Quote From Mom's Yearbook

by Elaine
(Pittsburg, PA, USA)

Picture of Cute Couple

Picture of Cute Couple

Here is a great funny quote -

"Don't make love behind the gate; Love is blind, but the neighbors ain't."

--Author Unknown

I've always gotten a kick out of this quote. I have no idea where it originated, other than someone writing it in my mom's high school yearbook.

She and my dad were high school sweethearts who got married a year after she graduated. I'm not sure whether they were engaged yet or not, but perhaps the individual who left this "witicism" in Mom's senior yearbook was thinking of their impending marriage.

This humorous quote, then, gives me several reasons to smile. It brings back memories of pictures of mom's hippy hair and dress, Dad's natural 'fro (which wouldn't be any big deal, but my dad was tall, skinny, and white). It reminds me of the continuity of my parent's relationship (30 years married and counting) and is an inspiration to make my own marriage last that long or longer.

Yeah, it's great when you can get a quick snicker out of something funny. It's even better when one of your favorite quotes gives you multiple reasons to smile. It's not every day - or every quote - that brings back good memories and warmth to your heart!

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Nov 11, 2008
by: Anonymous

I love this. I am engaged as well, and I know we will make it. Congrats to your parents on thirty years!

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