"Happiness Is A State Of The Mind"

by N. Jagannathan

My favorite happiness quote is:

"Happiness Is A State Of The Mind"

I thought happiness comes with wealth. I thought happiness comes with sex. I thought happiness comes with praise. I thought happiness comes with popularity.

No, it didn't come after I got all these to a reasonable level. I wanted more and more of these and my target went on shifting to higher levels. Recurring disappointments led to unhappiness and a depressed state of mind.

One day I met a man, whom, after a lot of interaction, I found to be a happy man and to my surprise was a lot poorer than me, not crazy about sex, and generally uninterested in all the things I sought in my life.

On careful probe, he told me that he derives his happiness from what is already with him in ample measure. Things like food, shelter, clothing, friends, entertainment, relationships, etc… He added, in his reckoning
"Happiness is a state of the mind" and in the final analysis it is what I want.

This was an experience that inspired me and made me to realize, where happiness comes from and I can tell you, today, by and large I am a happy man.

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