Happiness Quotation by Tyler Perry

by Sandra
(New Mexico, USA)

Picture of Tyler Perry

Picture of Tyler Perry

"I'd rather be by myself in a corner with a puppy and a goldfish and be happy than to have a husband and wonder what he's there for."

--Tyler Perry (he says this in a stage-play in which he plays a woman)

So many people think that having a husband or a wife will automatically make them happy...so they go and marry ANYONE. Then they realize that they've married the wrong person and they are not happy. Or they pretend they're happy because they are used to that person and don't want to be alone again.

This quote has made me and many other people see that it isn't worth it to have a husband or wife if it's the wrong person. He says to "get yourself together, that's what that extra time is for!"

Once you're truly happy with yourself alone, that's when you are safe to find the right person to spend the rest of your life with.

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