Happiness Quote By Mark Twain

by Tina
(Nebraska, USA)

A Picture of a Happy Lady

A Picture of a Happy Lady

Here is my favorite happiness quote:

"Whoever is happy will make others happy, too."

--Mark Twain

How simple is this? Very simple, yet so incredibly true. When we are happy and lead a life filled with happiness, then we make those around us happy as well.

Just think about being with a group of friends or family members. When you're happy and have a positive outlook when you're with them, then they tend to be happy with you.

If, on the other hand, you are miserable, sad and negative, then they are usually that way as well.

Now, these two scenarios don't always happen. For instance, sometimes you're happy and they're sad, or vice-versa. However, for the most part, your happiness will bring out the happiness in those around you.

Happiness is infectious.

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Dec 13, 2007
This quote is perfect...
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

I absolutely love this quote Tina. Thanks for sharing it with us.

My thoughts on happiness are that it's just as easy for us to be happy about life as it is to be miserable and upset about it.

I choose to be happy! By doing this, I make my life so much more enjoyable, AND I get to have a positive impact on everyone around me.

Besides, living life unhappy seems so depressing. And yes, you're right when you say that happiness is infectious.

Great quote...thanks again!

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