Happiness Quote from Abraham Lincoln

by Denise
(Florida, USA)

Abe Lincoln Picture

Abe Lincoln Picture

Here's a happiness quote from Abraham Lincoln.

"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be."

– Abraham Lincoln

My mother used to say this to me as I was growing up and I've always remembered it. I thought it was my mother's saying, but found out later it was a quote from Honest Abe.

I have tried to follow the advice by keeping a positive attitude and looking for the bright side of stressful situations. I used this happiness quote on my own children when they complained.

I’ve suffered with clinical depression most of my life and have had many health problems, but I still try to stay happy and not bring others down. Nobody wants to talk to someone with a gloomy face.

I had someone in a grocery store once tell me I looked sad and I didn’t feel sad at all, I think my mouth just turns down that way. Therefore, I have to make a very special effort to have a smile and bright eyes when people catch my eye.

So, make up your mind to be happy and count your blessings. Life is short and there is just no time to be miserable.

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