Inspirational Family Quote

by Deanna

Cute Baby Picture

Cute Baby Picture

"You can never spoil a child before it's first birthday."

My grandmother always said this and believed a baby should be picked up and loved when it cried. I even asked my doctor about this and he also believed it. He said a baby's thought process isn't developed to demand unneeded attention at that age.

So, when my children cried, we always picked them up for a few minutes of cuddling and then put them back down. We rarely ever had a problem with them sleeping through the night from the time they were 2 months old.

They grew up without any separation issues and are, at 23 & 26, very self reliant.

I had a friend who believed babies should be allowed to cry after being put to bed and to pick them up would spoil them. Her oldest ended up with a sleep disorder so acute that she had to take him to a specialist by the time he was 4, as he would wake up, cry and then be awake most of the night playing, as his sleep cycle was so far out of sorts.

Needless to say, she picked up her other children when they cried!

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