Inspirational Marriage Quote by Frank Pittman


“Marriages are made in Heaven” goes the saying, but inequality within the couples will make living in the world a hell.

Totality of marriage means, a good understanding between the couples. The lack of understanding among the couples will make them enjoy the marriage for few days to months but later after getting kids, the marriage breaks.

Frank and free discussion between the couples on their thoughts on marriage clears all the misgivings between them. But rarely it happens. People just meet each other and get attracted to each other. Then to satisfy the society and their dear and near ones marriage takes place.

However, due to a lack of openness, their thoughts are not shared properly. After marriage, a difference of opinion happens and finally the marriage breaks. Before it breaks if they have kids, they suffer as their mom and dad separate from each other. Then the kids suffer for their life by the broken families due to their inability to share their thoughts with their parents.

People unite for the heck of it and enjoy themselves for a short period, and then finally part for flimsy reasons.

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