Inspirational Quote from my Sister

by Lisa
(Tuscon, AZ, USA)

Picture of Hugging Sisters

Picture of Hugging Sisters

"If your life was easy you wouldn't appreciate what hard work and determination can get you. That's more important than a weak character and no troubles."

This inspirational quote was said to me by my older sister, Heather.

I was having a bad day, my truck wouldn't start, a snowstorm had hit and an important trip had been cancelled due to it. I'd had a bad day at work and I'd gotten a not-so-great grade on a college paper.

I asked my sister why my life couldn't be simple or easy and she responded in an e-mail, with this motivational quote. She made me feel better and it made me realize she was right. If I had an easy life, I might not have as many problems but I would not appreciate what I've worked so hard to gain, either.

I printed out her e-mail and pinned it on the wall next to my treadmill (which is also by my computer where I do my homework) so that when I am working out or taking a test I can remember that exercising and studying are hard work but that I will appreciate what the hard work gets me (being skinnier and a college degree).

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