Inspirational Quote from Yours Truly

by Susan G.
(New York City)

Inspirational Picture of a Happy Lady

Inspirational Picture of a Happy Lady

This inspirational quote is my own, and I try to remember it and repeat it to myself often.

"Happiness is a decision, not an occurrence."

--Susan G.

When life is not going so well, when bad things are happening to you and/or your loved ones, it’s easy to get mired in the old why-me frame of mind.

It’s easy to start to let yourself slip into brooding and inactivity rather than keeping on keeping on or, even better, doing things that result in satisfaction or a measure of even temporary joy. You have yourself to blame if this happens to you.

It may sound corny, but Jiminy Cricket was right when he sang: "It’s what you do with what you got, and never mind how much you got. It’s what you do with what you got that pays off in the end."

There’s no use in just waiting around for life to change. Sure, try to improve what’s under your control, but meanwhile, you can decide that you’re going to be happy anyway.

Count your blessings, put on upbeat music and hum or sing along, dance in the middle of your living room, watch a funny stand-up comic on TV. Right this moment you’re ALIVE !!!

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