Inspirational Quotes
About Personal Growth

by Diana DeMar
(Los Angeles)

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Here are a few of my favorite inspirational Diana DeMar.

-The truth always catches up to you no matter how fast you try to run away from it.

-The gold mine within is the only true place to look for wealth and happiness.

-Fear is an illusion of the mind.

-Why does the Truth hurt? It’s because you’re not use to it.

-The reason why you are afraid today is because you don’t want to repeat the mistakes you made yesterday.

-Let it go...for now. The answer will reveal itself when you least expect it.

-Whatever is happening in your life right now and however unpleasant it may be is guaranteed to change. This is the nature of life, people and events.

-The way you react is how the world around you is going to act.

-Anything you want is in front of you. You just need to notice it and to be able to recognize it.

-There is an artist in each one of you. The question is simple: are you willing to create, co-create, or do you prefer to stagnate?

-The only thing worth doing is to discover or create who you are. The rest occurs automatically.

-I trust the coincidences and find meaning in everything. There’s a message in each encounter and in my trials I recognize a new lesson to be learned.

-Human desires never end. Why? It's because deep within you know you're part of the big picture—abundance, love, perfection, God, and you yearn to reconnect with it.

-We come from perfection. Our life's purpose is to reconnect with it.

-Life has meaning only when one is able to love.

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