Life Quote by Lori Moradi

by Lori
(Houston, TX, USA)

Picture Of Lemons

Picture Of Lemons

My favorite life quote is my own:

"When life gives you lemons, slice them into smaller pieces and sell them at a profit."

-Lori Moradi

A high school teacher I know made a major business error. He wanted to own his own business but over simplified the process and didn't do his research. Consequently, he ended up with 7000 units of merchandise. (His business was a wholesale distributorship.)

As he quickly discovered, the items he had purchased to sell...well, didn't. Since he had purchased the items overseas and there was no return agreement in place, he was stuck with about 6500 units taking up all the space in his garage.

I helped him brainstorm on what and how to sell the pieces he had. We had sales and shows for wholesale distributors, but sold very little. Finally, I asked him why they had to sell in batches of 1000. He said it was just his way of moving inventory quickly.

I suggested he sell individual units, and describe why they were unique and could not be found anywhere else. Since he didn't know what else to do with his entire inventory, he took my advice and sold out.

It was a good lesson for this teacher-stick to what you know and sometimes bigger is not always better.

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Dec 17, 2007
Great outlook and business decision
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

That's certainly a different twist on the "When life gives you lemons..." quote. I like it!

I'm sure your friend appreciated your business insight and advice greatly. You obviously saved him a great deal of stress and heartache with your solution to his problem.

The moral of this story, I believe, is that you have to look at the situations that are presented to your throughout life with an open mind. Think outside of the box and you will see many more solutions to problems you may be having.

Great quote and advice Lori...thanks so much!

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