Man, I gots to go to Fiji - A Great Family Quote

by Dave

Picture of Fiji

Picture of Fiji

Here is my favorite (funny) family quote.

My family has always been very normal, without much in terms of traditions, and such. We do, however, have one quote that we have had in the family for 20 years+.

It all started on a family vacation to Hawaii. We were walking up and around Front Street in Maui. We were just browsing around after dinner, where we smelled someone smoking, and when we looked over at the person, we all had to bite our lips to help from laughing.

This man was wearing beachwear and a hat made out of palm leaves. The second we were all paying attention to him, he loudly exclaimed, "Man, I gots to go to Fiji". At this point, we all lost it.

The shared experience all gives us a chance to laugh and has become our standard answer to any sort of "what would you do if you won the lottery?" or dream type question. It always brings back that funny memory, and unites us as a family.

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