Michael Jordan Inspirational Quote

by Veronica Williams
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Michael Jordan Picture

Michael Jordan Picture

My favorite inspirational sports quote:

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying."

--Michael Jordan

Upon reading this quote as a young woman, I felt inspired to do my best. There are many odds against me as both a minority and a woman in this world.

This Michael Jordan quote inspired me to continue my college education at all costs. Despite the fact that many of the subjects are very hard, I'd rather have the power to say I at least tried.

I'd feel like less of a person having just sat around doing nothing because things are too hard. I've honestly done that before out of defeat and was very disappointed in myself.

Indeed, we all have the ability to fail; but how many people can say they actually did their best and attempted to do something? It is much easier to admit defeat without having touched something. It takes a brave soul weathered by the event to admit failure and want to work on it.

This inspirational quote has not only helped my academic career, it has also influenced my personal life as well. It has changed my view from that of a little girl to a woman willing to touch another person's life. Even if it means failure, at least I've tried to help them.

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