Mother's Day Quote

by Anonymous

Picture of Happy Mothers

Picture of Happy Mothers

"A rich child often sits in a poor mother's lap."
--Danish proverb.

This has always reminded me to not think of what I can give my children materially but the lessons in life are more important. As a single mother of two teenage daughters, we have struggled much through the years. Paycheck to paycheck is how we have lived.

This last week as school ended my girls watch their friends take off for summer vacations in vans packed with other kids from school, all from families with money.

My girls do not have fancy clothes, a nice home or pretty things decorating their walls. What they do have are poems and cards written from each other, and from me. They have paintings they have done since they were in preschool, strung about their rooms.

They have no further to look then a few shelves in the living room that display every school project ever made. In essence what they have is love, respect for what they do, and pride in everything they have ever accomplished or even attempted. Love, trust and safety are rewards far greater than a room filled with expensive furniture.

This is what this quote means to me on Mother's Day. My Mother taught me the same lesson.

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