My Favorite Family Quote

by Anonymous

Inspirational Picture

Inspirational Picture

"Make the best out of life. Don't sweat the small stuff and don't ponder the petty things. Just forget about it and move on with a smile."
-Nicole Henning

This inspirational quote has really made me think about stupid little things that I get mad or irritated about, whether they are at work, home, or when I am hanging out with my friends.

I also used this to (so far) get through school. When I have a problem with another student or professor, or even with my financial aid going through, I think of this quote and remember that it is just a little problem and it will be solved eventually and I will be able to move on with a smile.

Smiling is a big part of my life because it makes everyone, including myself, feel better. I am an optimistic person, and smiling just makes that even better.

Another phrase in this quote is "don't ponder the petty things." I think it has a great deal of meaning in my life, because I am surrounded by a family that loves to analyze and ponder things to no end. I have to remind myself not to get into this habit, because then problems turn into completely different problems and the wrong people could be involved because a problem was turned over and over until a meaning was found that was acceptable. This shouldn't happen in real life, and I think that this quote has helped me cope with this "problem" that exists with my family.

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