My Grandmother's Phillosophy

by Sarah Johnson
(Shreveport, LA, USA)

Picture of a Grandmother

Picture of a Grandmother

My Grandmother (or Maw Maw as I've always called her) has a quote that she uses a lot. It is her personal mantra.

"The more you stir it- the more it stinks."

She has used this quote to guide me every time something has happened to make sure I stay out of trouble. When life throws you a curve ball you have to just accept it, not cry about it, and move forward.

I know it may be a simple phrase, but over the years, it has taught me to not only mind my own business, but also take what life gives me without making it worse.

When the inevitable drama of work and home start to hit I just stand back, take a deep breath, and move on. It's the other person’s drama, at the end of the day, unless I choose to bring it home with me.

Thanks to my Maw Maw, I bring home a lot less drama than I other wise could. :-)

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