Proverbs. 15:1 A Soft Answer..

by Jean H
(Scotland U.K.)

I had an angry neighbor who was shouting at me from her garden fence as my puppy had slipped through a small hole in her fence into her garden. Her fierce anger had me walking quietly away and into my home. I took out the Bible and asked for help.

"A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger."

The next morning I had just come out of the corner shop when I saw the neighbor coming toward me she looked furious and was shouting again and I was shaking and trembling inside, but the word from Proverbs filled my thoughts and calming myself I stepped out in that word.

Speaking to her quietly and to the point, giving her our house number and inviting her to come and speak about the matter with me there. The lady stared at me for a moment, still fuming, then turned away and left.

It was a lesson I haven't forgotten and it also showed me that to shout back is akin to adding a log to someones angry fire.

Yes: we mend the small hole in the fence....J.

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