Quote by Dr. Bob Jones

by Jackson
(New Mexico, USA)

Inspirational Picture

Inspirational Picture

My favorite quote is "Do right, Do right, Do right till the stars fall, Do right."

This was quoted from Dr. Bob Jones.

I have always been a very insecure, shy child that never spoke my mind. You could say that I was a follower by nature. As I reached my teen years there were always so many "wrongs" to do and my pleasing personality could have gotten me into a lot of trouble in those days.

I heard this quote from a teacher and something clicked in my mind. I did not have to follow; I could do what I knew to be right. This gave me the strength to stand against all the influences and make my own choices in my life.

I can now say that I did not have many regrets during my teen years, not only myself but because I stood to do right it gave others courage to do the same. Somehow, those few simple words rang so true to my heart and it gave me power to do the right things.

My hope is that anyone reading this can also look within themselves and find the strength to do right in all those times that it would be easier to give in. This does not always have to be in the teen years but can transfer into your adult life.

Do not always worry about what others will think about you just do right, do right, do right.

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