Quote by Jim Valvano

by Martin
(Sarasota, FL, USA)

Picture of Jim Valvano

Picture of Jim Valvano

"Don't give up, don't ever give up."

--Jim Valvano

This is a quote by former college basketball coach Jim Valvano that was given at the ESPY awards show shortly before his death.

At the time of the quote, Valvano's body was being ravaged by cancer. Despite his grim prognosis, he continued to motivate and inspire others with his words.

Every year this speech is replayed during the Jimmy V. Classic basketball games and every year I make a point to watch it.

Valvano has inspired me and made me realize that I should continue to strive for my goals and not be discouraged by minor setbacks.

His speech also taught me to not take life for granted and live it to the fullest. Whenever I am facing large obstacles, whether on the playing field or in life I reflect upon these words.

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Dec 13, 2007
A classic Jimmy V. Quote
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

This quote by Jimmy V will go down as one of the greatest of all-time.

If you think about it, it's really a simple quote. A form of this quote has probably been spoken for many, many years. "Don't give up" is a common phrase of inspiration and motivation.

However, when it was spoken by Jim Valvano at the ESPY awards it took on such a greater meaning. He was an incredible source of inspiration to everyone who was watching that speech.

It was as if he was leaving us all with this simple yet powerful advice. These were his last great words to the world.

I think anyone who sees this quote or sees Jimmy V's speech will realize how powerful these simple words are. Thank you Jimmy V and thanks for sharing this inspirational sports quote Martin.

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