"Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon

by Beth
(Olathe, KS)

My Beautiful Boy - Cute Baby Picture

My Beautiful Boy - Cute Baby Picture

My favorite music quote would have to be “Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans”. This line is from the song “Beautiful Boy” that is written by John Lennon.

When you first hear the song, this line may not seem to be inspirational. However, in context it fits my life perfectly.

I’m a meticulous scheduler and planner of just about everything. My tactics are an effort to make life easier and more special for me and my family. Unfortunately, when I stop and take a look at where things stand, I find that I’ve missed some of the very important tidbits of my son’s life during all of my preparations.

In hearing this line, I am inspired to stop the craziness and take the time for my son. It’s the everyday common things that add to make a great life and enjoying them will lead to a life well lived.

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