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This list of Inspirational Running Quotes & Quotations is designed to help inspire and motivate runners around the world. Whether you run cross country, marathons or sprints...these Running Quotations will definitely provide you with the inspiration you need to succeed. Enjoy!

My Favorite Running Quote Of All Time...

Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity.

Michael Johnson

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Top 10 Running Quotations

Running Quotes #1

Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts.

Steve Prefontaine

Running Quotes #2

Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.

Doug Larson

Running Quotes #3

No negative thoughts cross my mind on race day. When I look into their eyes, I know I'm going to beat them.

Danny Harris

Running Quotes #4

If someone says, 'Hey, I ran 100 miles this week. How far did you run?' ignore him! What the hell difference does it make? The magic is in the man, not the 100 miles.

Bill Bowerman

Running Quotes #5

The body does not want you to do this. As you run, it tells you to stop but the mind must be strong. You always go too far for your body. You must handle the pain with strategy .It is not age; it is not diet. It is the will to succeed.

Jacqueline Gareau

Running Quotes #6

Dream barriers look very high until someone climbs them. Then they are not barriers anymore.

Lasse Viren

Running Quotes #7

I prefer to remain in blissful ignorance of the opposition. That way I'm not frightened by anyone's reputation.

Ian Thompson

Running Quotes #8

Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'

Peter Maher

Running Quotes #9

The will to win means nothing if you haven't the will to prepare.

Juma Ikangaa, 1989 NYC Marathon winner

Running Quotes #10

Running is a lot like life. Only 10 percent of it is exciting. 90 percent of it is slog and drudge.

Dave Bedford

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