Music Quote by Jack Johnson

by Amy
(Orlando, FL, USA)

Picture of Jack Johnson

Picture of Jack Johnson

Here is my favorite music quote by Jack Johnson.

"Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart."

--Jack Johnson

I often listen to Jack Johnson when driving in the car with my two young sons. I find the music soothing, and appropriate for little ears.

This particular quote stands out for me when we are listening together. It constantly reminds me of the passion that I have for my family, why my husband and I are working so hard together, and what our goals are for our lives together.

I also recently changed careers, from something high-paid and powerful that felt very wrong to my soul to a position where I am able to make a concrete, significant difference in the lives of children and enjoy more time with my family. It has not been an easy transition, but definitely a worthwhile one, and one I would choose again.

Again, why did I make such a choice? It might be hard, but it is worthwhile. This Jack Johnson song sums it up – love is the answer.

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