Peaceful, Easy Feeling by The Eagles

by Grace
(Oregon, USA)

Inspirational Picture of the Sunset

Inspirational Picture of the Sunset

I guess my favorite musical quote would have to be from the Eagles song Peaceful, Easy Feeling.

The line I am speaking of is this one: "I know you won't let me down...because I'm already standing on the ground."

The reason this line has stuck with me through the years is that it is so very true. You cannot expect any one person to fulfill your every need.

Learning this one truth was hard but after an 11-year marriage of hurt and disappointment, I did finally understand it. I learned a hard lesson that is spoken so simply in this single line from a single song.

Sometimes the truth is right in front of your eyes. You must learn to fulfill your own needs even while you are loving another person.

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Dec 17, 2007
Great Song, Great Lyrics
by: Joe Waters - webmaster

Isn't it amazing and wonderful how we can take a single line from a song and have it mean so much to us?

This is what I love about music! The message that the singer in conveying to us can be so powerful and meaningful to us and certain situations of our lives.

This is one of best songs ever done by The Eagles. I'm glad you shared it and your personal story with us.

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